Fig, Arugula, and Bleu Flatbread

Fig, Arugula, and Bleu Flatbread   Utilize all of your foraged summer garden treasures to create this elegant, mouthwatering share-plate. Fig, Arugula, and Bleu Flatbread – serves 12 Ingredients: 1-lb fresh pizza dough (recipe follows) ½ cup fig jam (receipe follows) 6 fresh figs 4 oz prosciutto or Sorano ham,  torn into ribbons 1-1 1/2…

Tomato and Bacon Dip

Impress your friends with this easy, decadent Tomato and Bacon Dip, which is best with your own garden-fresh Cherry Tomatoes.  Enjoy! TOMATO AND BACON DIP: Ingredients: 6 slices Smoked Bacon, diced1 8oz package Cream Cheese, room temperature12-15 oz Cherry Tomatoes, whole1 Cup Mayonnaise1/2 Cup grated Parmesan1/4 Cup Green Onion, diced1 Tbsp cracked Black Pepper1/2 Cup…

Why I’m cooking my way through “Merriman’s Hawaii”.

I plan to spend 2016 cooking my way through “Merriman’s Hawaii”. Every recipe in the book; 75 in all, by using as many locally available ingredients as possible. I hope you become as inspired by Peter Merriman’s innovative recipes as I am.

Mandarin Superfoods Salad

This salad is as delicious as it is SUPER good for you! With a healthful list of ingredients, including succulent Mandarin Oranges, you’ll feel absolutely amazing AND totally satisfied after feasting on this treat.

English Tea Sandwiches (recipe)

These little finger sandwiches pack a BIG punch of flavor! Get creative and fill them with some of your own favorite ingredients! Here are a couple of my favorites. PS: These babies go GREAT with our Champagne Sangria. Give it a try! Click here for the recipe. Enjoy!

Caprese Kabobs (recipe)

These easily grab-able, perfectly delectable, and CARB-FREE treats will go like hotcakes at your summer party. Enjoy!  

Meal Prep! 6 Healthy Dinner Recipes!

These six dinners are healthy AND delicious! And best of all, you can make them in advance and have your meals done for the week, leaving yourself one cheat day…hehe! We ALL deserve a cheat day! In all honesty, these recipes will make you feel like you’re cheating every day…but the fact of the matter…