Clamoring for Clambake…

I absolutely adore the delicious bounty that the sea has to offer, and I especially enjoy combining as many ocean flavors as possible into one dish.  Not surprisingly, therefore, when some friends of mine declared that they were “seafood junkies”, I jumped at the opportunity to prepare my first Clambake of the year.  There are endless variations of this one-pot feast, and it seems that everyone has their favorite way to make it.  I’ve found that as long as the ingredients are fresh, its hard to go wrong.

Bell peppers, leeks, onions, and potatoes are sautéed with spicy sausage (I use Andouille),  butter, and olive oil, in a large pot.  If you like it really spicy, don’t be shy with the chili powder! (I used Ancho chili powder,but there are many diverse varieties of chili powder available). Mussels, lobster, scallops, shrimp, prawns, crab legs, and clams of every variety are then added to the aromatic medley, and drenched in white wine until all of the ingredients are covered. Add a couple of corn cobs (whole if the pot is big enough), a few whole eggs, and whatever else your heart desires. Slow-simmer over medium/low heat until the mussel and clam shells open and the corn is tender. Peal the shells from the eggs and add back to the pot. Voila! Scrumptious.

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