Polkadot Dinners Features Fall’s Finest!

Fall is upon us! The planet has completed another full orbit, and has left us once again scratching out a sun-scorched “goodbye” to weekend barbecues, trips to the beach, and pool-side Bellini’s. We’ve begun to change our queries from a perky, “What’s the best snack to bring on a boat?”, to a sophisticated, “How can I incorporate my favorite Fall flavors into edgy, in-trend dishes?”

During the summer, we did our best to be prudent in our summertime indulgences…we offered a feigned “No, thank you” to most all of the heavy dishes and anything containing real sugar (unless it was in our iced tea, of course…because that doesn’t count!) Let’s face it…WE ARE HUNGRY! And the anticipation for the Autumnal abundance that awaits us is growing stronger by the day! Root vegetables, wild mushrooms, variety squash, persimmons, eggplant, peppers, perfectly crisp apples…the list is seemingly endless. And we want it all!

While it would be impossible to prepare all of these mouth-watering treats at once, curing our desire for instant gratification, Polkadot Dinners is offering up an exquisite 3-course special featuring some of Fall’s finest:

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

Butternut Squash Risotto

Maple-glazed Apple Pie


For more details, check out our Featured Seasonal Dishes menu. Call or email today to find out how you can be dishing this up at your place in no time!

-Polkadot Dinners



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