Beer and cookies? Make me a match!

I’ve read a BUNCH of interesting articles recently about culinary pairings: beer pairings, wine pairings, and various food pairings; not that these are new concepts. But the things being matched up are becoming more and more…well…weird! Weird in a good way. Here’s what I mean:

I recently attended a “Beer and Girl Scout Cookie Pairing” event, hosted by our favorite beer connoisseurs.  Weird? Yes. Wonderful? ABSOLUTELY! I admit that at first I was a total skeptic. I mean…beer and COOKIES? But, being that I’m adventurous and happen to be powerless over cookies (and beer), I went for it. To my own amazement, I was actually delighted with the first duo: Lemonades with Shiner White Wing.

I was so thrilled at the idea that I would, indeed be enjoying the evening’s menu, that I completely dismissed the fact that I was only supposed to take a bite or two of each cookie while tasting it with its recommended frosty counterpart. Since there were around 15 more beer samples to try, I decided that while I’m sure I could put away 15 or more Girl Scout cookies, I probably shouldn’t. So I promptly ate several more (again…powerless), and decided that I would “just nibble” my way through the rest of the event. And nibble I did.  We tasted Thin Mint cookies with Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter and Rogue Mocha Porter , Tagalongs with  Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter , more of those delicious Lemonades with Tailgate Hefeweizen and Rubicon Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale, and finally, Caramel Delights with Maui Brewing Company’s Maui CocoNut Porter .  My taste buds were in HEAVEN! The sometimes hoppy, sometimes creamy, ALWAYS delightful beers, matched with the decadently sweet, famous cookies…pure bliss.

Is there a moral to this story? Not really. (Well… maybe just don’t eat too many cookies. And…maybe don’t drink too much beer.) But I can tell you that I won’t be shy about these pairing events any more! There are entirely too many flavor combinations to miss out on if you don’t just get out there and taste them! Mix and match your favorite foods with your favorite spirits! I would LOVE to hear what you come up with! Oh! And don’t forget to support your local Girl Scout troop!

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  1. beer and cookies ? Interesting mix

    1. Hi Augustine! Interesting is right! It was fantastic. I highly recommend. Thanks for reading!

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