Maui bound…but it can’t come quite fast enough!

An up-coming trip to Maui has left me quite impatient for the tastes of the island.  I just can’t wait for the flavors that captivate me when I visit Maui. From Kahlua Pig to Hula Pie, the local fare never ceases to leave me wanting more. My eager foodie desires were the essence of last night’s dinner; a prelude to my trip to paradise: Pulled-Pork Sandwiches.

Starting with a deliciously smokey pulled-pork  base, I added pineapple (with juice), and a few tablespoons of Kahlua, and simmered on low for about half an hour, allowing the fruit juice to thicken some and the pineapple to caramelize. Sliced onion and carrots went in next to give it the depth and heartiness I was looking for.  After letting these savory ingredients simmer for an additional 20 minutes, I piled them high on a really good whole-wheat bun and topped it with my favorite spicy barbecue sauce.  Washed down with a Longboard beer, and within seconds, I was right where I wanted to be…back on the island.

Give it a try! You really can’t go wrong. I’d love to hear your favorite way to make it too!


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