Quinoa…The curiously delicious “Super-food”.

Despite its peculiar name, Quinoa (KEEN-Wah) is not only delicious, but also packs a surprisingly nutritious punch! Considered a “whole-grain“, Quinoa is chock-full of protein, potassium, and fiber. Its nutty undertones and brilliant ability to absorb most flavors, make it an incredibly versatile addition to otherwise ordinary recipes. As filling as it is flavorful, Quinoa has a list of health benefits that literally surprised me; after all, how often do “healthy” and “delicious” pair perfectly? Check it out for yourself in this fabulous article by “Well-Being Secrets”:


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Quinoa goes with virtually anything; veggies, herbs, fish, chicken, even fruit.  I recently catered a “working lunch” at a local business that wanted to pack nutrition into their mid-day delights. These simple, healthy wraps were a HUGE hit:

Sesame Chicken & Quinoa Wraps

-toasted sesame seed quinoa


-sliced red bell pepper

-chopped walnuts

-low-sodium soy and honey-lime dressing

-whole-wheat, high-fiber tortilla wrappers

For the complete recipe, please send your request to: rachel@polkadotdinners.com

For more Quinoa facts, recipes, and reviews, please visit https://www.jenreviews.com/quinoa/






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