Honorary Mayor of Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks, CA Taken at Sunrise Spring, 2015


About Rachel Griffith

As a resident and business owner in Fair Oaks, I am proud of my town, and the amazing folks who make it wonderful! My husband and I both own businesses in Fair Oaks, and believe it is our responsibility to invest in our community, and to do our part to continue Fair Oaks’ stellar reputation as an outstanding place to live, work, and visit. I chose to run for Honorary Mayor of Fair Oaks to show my passion for my cause, as well as my cherished town.

On September 8, 2016, I was elated to find out that I had won the title of “Honorary Mayor”. I am so excited to be the 38th Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce Honorary Mayor.

About my Cause

Bella Vista High School is an exceptional school in Fair Oaks. My daughter attends Bella Vista, so I am passionately dedicated to the school’s excellence.  Connecting my passions (kids and cooking) was an easy choice to make. Kids who cook are more likely to succeed later in life. To be able to get them a proper Culinary Sciences department, was literally an investment in all of our futures! Bella Vista’s “Foods” program is a coveted course, highly sought-after by the students, and enrolled-in early by the incoming students in order to secure a spot. THESE KIDS HAVE A PASSION FOR FOOD AND FOR COOKING!

Throughout my campaign, I received tremendous backing and support from our community; local restaurants, businesses, and community members went above and beyond to help me raise money for BV, and together we raised almost $9,000, with 50% of those funds going directly to Bella Vista. I will be continuing my efforts for Bella Vista’s Culinary Department, beyond my one-year service as Honorary Mayor, and will work to get them the proper equipment and resources so that these kids can learn real-life skills in a state-of-the-art facility.


-Rachel Griffith, Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce HONORARY MAYOR 2016-2017


A very special Thank You to our sponsors and supporters:
Sponsored by Mason MadeSponsored by ITC Service Group, Inc.Benefitting the Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce
Sponsored by Maid to PerfectionBella Vista High School

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