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I came across a blog this morning that floored me…in a mouth-watering-profusely, “I…just…cant…”, type of way.  It became instantly IMPERATIVE and URGENT that I share this with my readers. So I’m re-sharing this blog I wrote last year, and updating it (see link at bottom of page) with a fabulous reminder that ballpark food is, indeed ever changing, ever evolving…ever taunting me with its nostalgia and its yummyfantasticaldeliciousness (Yep. Made that up. There are no real words to describe how I feel).  Hello, baseball season! How we have missed you. Here are some of the best ballpark food offerings:

Last Year’s Blog by Chef Rachel:

I’m as passionate about baseball as I am about food. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the words “Ballpark” and “Ballpark Frank” are synonymous. People are making their ways into their favorite teams’ stadiums all over the nation. Whether we enter a Major League ballpark, or a local Little League field, most of us immediately take specific note (typically before we even find our designated seats), of the endless varieties of mouth-watering food options available. While the kids are ogling the Cotton Candy and Red Vines, the adults are being tempted by the distinctive aroma that reminds us that it’s PERFECTLY socially acceptable to gorge ourselves on anything and everything we desire, as long as we are within the park…Thank you very much!   I’m not sure its possible to watch a game and NOT fill up on WAY TOO MUCH delicious food-fare.  “Root for the Home-Team” and “Ballpark Food” are hand-in-glove.

Whether its a Tres Agaves dog from San Francisco’s AT&T Park (which, by the way, features a bacon-wrapped hot dog drenched in chipotle sauce, then topped with grilled onions, jalapenos, and cucumber), or a made-to-order Burger from PNC Park in Pittsburgh, the feeling you get when you devour the deliciously sinful ballpark grub is, in my opinion, nothing less than blissful.

Sure, we could sneak in healthy fruits, veggies, and wraps that we prepare ourselves at home. And we wouldn’t even regret eating it in the morning.  But come on…that just wouldn’t be baseball!

**And…here it is…hold on to your gloves, baseball fans! Behold…my future! I hope you all get a chance to enjoy this season’s BEST Ballpark food!

(Don’t tell my trainer):


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